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We are a midwest region of ALPCA and meet four times a year in Northern Illinois. To join our club click here. Currently our dues are $15 per year. A great donation auction is held at each event. Registration is $7 per member and $3 for the first table and $5 per extra table. If you are a current MAPA member your first table is free. All money raised goes to support the club, our events and activities. Go through your collection and donate plates for the auction and bring a favorite plate to display and/or win an award. You must be either an ALPCA or MAPA member in order to enter our meets.

President's Message

It’s a wrap for the year!  The October meet was in the books a well received turnout. We had a few over 30 members. Plates plates ere plentiful. Please join us for our kickoff meet of 2020 in Peotone, Illinois. We are working on the 2020 MAPA plates and will decide on a design soon. Stay tuned and don’t forget to pay your dues in 2020 and also to buy a set of the MAPA plates. Happy holidays and may you have a great 2020 in collecting!  Remember to please donate plates to our auction at the Peotone meet in February.

Mapa members at the national convention in Knoxville

Mapa special event plate for 2019

The upcoming MAPA meets are:

February 22, 2020,Will County Fairgrounds
710 S. West St
Peotone, IL
April 18, 2020, Stone City VFW Post #2199
124 Stone City Drive
Joliet, IL 60436
August 22, 2020, Wauconda American Legion Hall
515 South Main Street
Wauconda, IL 60084
October 10, 2020 Stone City VFW Post #2199
124 Stone City Drive
Joliet, IL 60436

Recent News

St. Louis Cardinals plate coming soon


Three new military motorcycle plates are now available: Combat Action badge, Combat Action Ribbon, and Desert Storm.


Universal license plates to be issued soon-Monarch butterfly


New redesinged Illini plates now available

Two special plates were auctioned off at our Wauconda meet to celebrate the Illinois bicentennial. These two plates numbered 1818 and 200 were both sold and the other ones will be auctioned at our October meet so don't miss out.


Firefighter motorcycle plates now available

New format for firefighter plates spotted.

New Alzheimers Awareness plate

New Nurses plate

New autocycle three wheeled vehicle plate option

Route 66 motorcycle plates now available

Chicago Police Memorial motorcycle license plates now available

Revisions already coming to new Illinois license plates

Cubs-themed license plates spike in popularity after World Series

Illinois universal specialty license plate still not in production


Check out our new section called meet a member and first up is Al Matulis.

New Illinois license plate design revealed

The Capitol dome, the Chicago skyline and one-half of Abraham Lincoln's face will adorn new license plates that will begin hitting the roads in Illinois next year.
Secretary of State Jesse White's office unveiled the new plates on Tuesday and also announced a program to gradually put them on all passenger vehicles -- at no extra cost to drivers -- over the next decade.
White said the replacement program is needed because the plates' reflectivity decreases over time, making it hard for police to see plate numbers.
"This (program) will ensure that plates are appropriately replaced with the ultimate goal being no license plate on the road will be more than 10 years old,” White said in a statement.
At a news conference in Chicago, White called the program "a forward-thinking, long-term solution that does not require a complete replating overhaul, which would cost around $60 million. This replacement program is mindful of Illinois' state budget challenges, while also seeking to remove the oldest plates from our roads."
Passenger vehicle owners who have the oldest license plates will be the first to get the new version. In 2017, passenger plates manufactured in 2000 and 2001 will replaced. In 2018, plates made in 2002 and 2003 will be replaced.
That process will continue until all of the plates are replaced. The program starts over in 2027, replacing the plates issued in 2017. The replacement of "B-Truck" plates, used on some pickup trucks, SUVs and vans, is expected to begin in 2018.
White's office says there are 9 million sets of passenger plates on the road. The office expects to replace about 600,000 sets in the first year.
Vehicle owners will be notified by mail if they qualify for the new license plates, which will be provided at no additional charge. Owners are encouraged to recycle their old plates by taking them to a secretary of state facility and disposing of them in a tamper-proof bin.
Motorists who are not due for a replacement may still request a new license plate in January at cyberdriveillinois.com for a replacement fee of $29. In addition, vehicle owners with license plates manufactured after 2001 that are showing signs of wear and are difficult to read may visit cyberdriveillinois.com to apply for a newly designed plate at no charge.
The redesign of Illinois' main license plate is the first since White's office unveiled the current look in 1999. That 1999 plate design -- consisting of a script "Illinois" above a Lincoln bust in the middle of the plate -- was chosen via an online vote open to Illinois residents.
No vote was held this time. Instead, the secretary of state's office "worked closely with law enforcement and developed a license plate that contains features unique to Illinois and is easy to read," said Henry Haupt, a secretary of state spokesman.
The resulting plate moves the Lincoln image to the left side of the design, getting it out of the way of the letters and numbers on the plate. It also contains white outlines of the Statehouse dome and Chicago's skyline, including the city's iconic Willis Tower.

By Staff and wire reports sj-r.com

Specialty License Plates To Help Illinois Monarch Butterflies

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WICS) — Governor Rauner signed a bill into law to help the Monarch butterfly population. It's a new highway program, to plant "milkweed" along Illinois roadways. The state's butterfly cannot survive without the plant. The funds for this project will actually come from specifically license plate decals.

Fees from the purchase of the license plate will go towards this initiative, but the program is still in the early stages.

"One of the things we need, by state law, is we need a commitment from the organization of 2,000 people who would be willing to buy the plate," Dave Druker, spokesman of the Secretary of State's office, said. "We need that many people because that's roughly how much it would take to make it a break even."

The program is looking for people to sign up to purchase the plate decal. Regular plate registration is $101. It is an extra $25 for the specialty plate decal.

By WICS News Team Tuesday, August 9th 2016

Specialty license plates will live on in Illinois

When Gov. Bruce Rauner recently signed legislation to end the proliferation of specialty license plates in Illinois, it was hailed in some quarters as a way of helping police who sometimes had difficulty identifying cars registered in Illinois.
But there are 109 different specialty license plates available in the state (carrying the colors and logos of professional sports teams, universities and representing all manner of causes), and all of them will remain on vehicles. And all 109 designs will remain available to anyone who wants one in the future, according to a spokesman for Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White.
The new law stops any new specialty plate designs from going into production after July 1 of next year and only affects new causes that want to raise money and awareness through specialty plates. Of the $40 initial charge for a specialty plate, $25 goes to the cause/charity and $15 to the secretary of state's office.
But instead of getting a plate with a distinguishing design for their cause, people will get a new, generic specialty plate and a sticker to affix to a spot on it. The generic plate has not been designed yet, according to White's office. Renewals cost $27, with $25 going to the cause and $2 to the office.
When the bill was introduced this spring, its chief sponsor, state Rep. John D'Amico, D-Chicago, was widely quoted as saying the proliferation of specialty plates was confusing police because they all look different.
As I noted in an earlier column, there are specialty plates with different designs and colors for Autism Awareness, Ducks Unlimited, Prevent Violence, Hearing Impaired, Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (not to be confused with the plates for the Illinois Police Association, Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics and Illinois Chicago Police Memorial Fund), the Illinois Pan Hellenic Series, Ovarian Cancer Awareness, Organ Donor, Master Mason, Fire Chief, Firefighters Memorial, Municipal Fire, Share the Road, just about every college in Illinois (and Notre Dame) and the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs and White Sox, just to name a few.
Despite all the partisan bickering in the state Capitol, the measure to "end" production of specialty plates flew out of the Illinois House with only one "no" vote and was overwhelmingly approved in the Senate with strong bipartisan support. And the new Republican governor, who seems to disagree with the legislature on almost everything else, has signed it into law.
So here we have almost unanimous agreement on legislation that will accomplish nothing really, which seems pretty appropriate in a state where nothing significant ever seems to get done.
By the way, the Illinois House this spring, even as it was voting to do away with specialty plates, approved a new one featuring the Monarch butterfly to raise money for butterfly habitat restoration along state highways.
The good news is that Blackhawk fans who had postponed a decision to get one of those nifty plates featuring that cool logo, instead of Honest Abe's, don't have to rush to the secretary of state's website and put in an order, White spokesman Dave Druker said.
"Any plates that we're producing now will still be available after July 1 of next year. All 109!" he said.
Copyright © 2016, Daily Southtown

New retired Law Enforement

Prince Hall Freemasonry



New Teamsters plate released.

The Municipal Fire license plates are available only to vehicles of a municipal fire department or fire protection district. Vehicles displaying these plates must be owned by the fire department or fire protection district.

By purchasing a set of these plates, you will help support the the maintenance of a memorial and park honoring fallen Illinois State Police officers; hold an annual memorial event; provide scholarships to children of officers killed or catastrophically injured in the line of duty; and provide financial assistance to officers and their families killed or injured in the line of duty.

These license plates may be issued to any active or retired law enforcement officers and their family members, surviving family members or deceased law enforcement officers and members of or donors to the Illinois State Police Heritage Foundation.



New political design plates for 2015-16. Honorary Consul and Senate.







This new plate type was spotted on an old military vehicle but no information is on the Secretary of State website.

Ducks Unlimited, Inc. is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of wetlands and associated upland habitats for waterfowl, other wildlife, sportsmen and the general public


Purple Heart Motorcycle License Plates may be issued to any Illinois resident who has been awarded the military’s Purple Heart medal. A surviving spouse may obtain a set of plates. The Purple Heart plate has also been designed in a smaller size specifically for motorcycles.


License Plate Renewal Process Goes 'Green', $1 Million In Savings Expected

Secretary of State Jesse White’s office said it is on target to save more than $1 million from changes it’s implemented in its license plate renewal process.

The changes basically involve eliminating some of the paperwork involved in people obtaining new license plate stickers each year.

“We’ve become very green and try to be as efficient as possible,” said White spokesman Dave Druker.

The biggest savings is expected from a change the office implemented in February. It stopped sending motorists the familiar renewal notices that could be folded into a return envelope to renew a set of plates. A motorist would send a check to renew a set of plates, and the office would return a license sticker and new registration card.

Now, the office sends a postcard that lists various renewal options, including doing it electronically, by visiting a driver’s facility or using the mail. If motorists wish to renew by mail, they now have to supply their own envelope.

The office estimates it will save $1 million from the change.

“It’s smaller and cheaper and doesn’t have the envelope with it,” Druker said.

Also, he said, the office found “a lot of people” didn’t use the return envelope in the old mailing. Still, if people prefer to get the old mailing, they can call a number on the postcard.

“The fact is, if someone prefers the old system, they can do that,” Druker said. “If they would like an envelope next time to send it back by mail, we will send it back to them. They have to call us and let us know.”

Druker did not know how many people have made that request so far.

The office also estimates it will save $400,000 a year by encouraging more people to renew their plates via email. Last fall, the office began sending email renewal notices to motorists who had renewed their plates once electronically, urging them to continue the practice.

In addition, the office has set up registration forms allowing people to receive paperless renewals. People can also sign up by visiting www.cyberdriveillinois.com. They will need information from their previous registration card in order to sign up.

White’s office said more than 330,000 requests have been for email registrations.

By Doug Finke (doug.finke@sj-r.com)
The State Journal-Register
Posted May 13, 2013 @ 10:34 PM



Which Chicago Team Has the Most Specialty License Plates on the Road?

CHICAGO — The Chicago Blackhawks are the most popular sports team in Illinois, at least based on license plate preference.

According to the Illinois Secretary of State's office, the Hawks have the No. 1 specialty license plate in the state, with 8,356 plates purchased.

The Blackhawks — who have a bright red plate that features the team logo — beat out all other city sports teams.

The White Sox are next, with 4,893 purchased plates. That figure is perhaps surprisingly more than the Bears (4,519), Cubs (4,393) and Bulls (1,528).

The Blackhawks' plates debuted in 2010, after the team won the Stanley Cup, while the other four Chicago pro sports teams' plates were released in 2011.

"The Chicago Blackhawks license plate was the first in the sports series to be made available to the public, and their fan base embraced the opportunity to purchase the license plates," Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White said in an emailed statement.

The specialty plates are pricey, as much as $330 for first-time vanity plates. Annual renewal is $141 for specialty plates, $42 more than standard plates.

April 22, 2013 6:09am | By Justin Breen, DNAinfo Senior Editor




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